Sean Corey Art Gallery

Sean and Corey are no strangers to the art world. They ran the 883 Studio Gallery in Baltimore where they specialized in graphics, interior, and custom design for their clients. Corey also taught at the Maryland College of Art.


Hueber and Wheatley both love lots of bold bright beautiful colors in their artwork. “We like a lot of beautiful views like flowers and extractions,” Sean explains, noting that he enjoys creating portraits and landscapes. But the couple makes all kinds of artworks.


They worked well together for 30 years. It is not unusual for one of them to do the majority of a piece of art and have the other take it to completion. 


Wheatley is more detailed while Sean is more an expressionist. One likes to use big thick paint with palette knives while the other’s style is delicate and smooth. “We are so opposite we can work well together,” Sean points out.


They strive to make art affordable and enjoyable for the entire range of art consumers. “We always wanted everyone to have art in their life,” Corey says. “Everyone should be able to afford art,” he adds. So their gallery will feature artwork that ranges from $1 to $6000. “Art for the common man all the way,” as he puts it.


The couple creates a broad range of art including sculpture, birdhouses, and ceramic birds, found, recycled objects, and paintings. He will take something such as an old vase and turn it into a hand-painted one of a kind piece that sells for $15.


Sean also painted on sticks and rocks. “It’s not stuffy, it’s fun,” he explains! He turns the sticks into figurines and paints beach rocks that help people de-stress! “They are a dollar,” he says noting that “a lot of kids love them too!”

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We’re pleased to present SeanCorey Art Gallery, a visually stunning and breathtaking display that is sure to surprise and enlighten. See for yourself by watching our video! We hope you’ll join us for a unique experience you’ll never forget.

About the Artists


Sean Hueber

The above painting reflects Sean's personal style.


Corey Wheatley

The above painting reflects Corey's personal style.